Activities and Events

Activities and Events at Nelson Mandela Garden and Park

At Nelson Mandela Gardens and Park, there is always an exciting, interesting, educative, healthy and fun activity you can engage in to make your time memorable. We have some planned programs which you can join us in celebrating. These include:

  • Children’s day celebration on 27th May every year
  • International Nelson Mandela Day on 18th July every year

However, you can write your own story by determining how you wish to spend your leisure or celebrate your own event in our gardens and facilities. Your options are almost limitless as there is a lot of exciting activities and events you can engage or organise to enjoy your visit to our gardens. Some ideas of these activities and events are presented below:

Visit the Zoo

Our zoo boasts of interesting wildlife and exotic birds. A visit to the zoo will hold you spellbound as you watch and interact with our admirable animals. You can also take pictures to keep the memories alive. Visit the games  reserve at Nelson Mandela Garden

Stroll in the park

Take a stroll in the garden and enjoy the cool fresh air brought about by nature as you ease off stress or meditate. The therapeutic benefits of fresh air unpolluted by the effects of industrialisation in the city is indeed priceless. Take a stroll in Nelson Mandela Gardens

Host your wedding / Ceremony

Host your dream nature-themed wedding in one the loveliest gardens in the world. Enjoy the ambience of a calm and peaceful environment on one of the happiest days of your life. You can also make your other events and ceremonies the talk of town by employing our gardens and facilities. Plan you dream wedding at Nelson Mandela Garden

Organise a conference

Thinking Business? Plan your conference in one of the most accessible and secure locations in Nigeria situated within the Asaba International Airport in Delta State. Ease yourself the stress of transportation and security planning as your guest arrive for the conference. Organise a conference at Nelson Mandela Garden

Keep fit

Keep fit and stay trim by swimming in our world class swimming pool. Swimming is one of the best total body workouts that you can enjoy with friends. We also have a lawn tennis court ready for a good tennis workout, and our gym/fitness center is under development and would be available shortly. Keep fit at Nelson Mandela Garden

Celebrate the children and family

Bring the children over to have fun at the children’s playground. It would surely be a day to remember for them. We have a snacks and relaxation gazebo and our in-house DJ is ready to thrill you with good music. Celebrate Children's day at Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 trees

Tree planting

We encourage our guests and dignitaries to be a part of this great initiative of going green and planting trees for the sustainability of the environment. We invite you to be a part of it as it is always fun for everyone. Tree Planting at Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 trees

Take a guided tour

We have tour guides ready to show you the full beauty of the gardens as well as the story behind each facility, landmark and artifact. This would help you cherish the memories of your visit and gain a better understanding of the gardens for your next visit. Guided Tour at Nelson Mandela Garden


For lovers of shopping, you would have a great time exploring the clothing, makeup, drugstore and other sections in our shopping mall once it has been completed. Our exhibition center once launched would showcase art, history and culture as well as promoting the values and memory of the great icon – Nelson Mandela. Go shopping at Nelson Mandela Garden