Beautiful Gardens

Enjoy the ambience of our scenic gardens in an idyllic environment as you unwind with family, friends, colleagues, business partners, social group or just by yourself. Visit the animals at our zoo as you draw inspiration in the comfort of nature. The Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 Trees also serves as a conservation center close to nature for the general public. It is a pla...
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The Lodges

Nelson Mandela Lodges
THE LODGES (COMING SOON)  The Lodges is the third and final leg of the Nelson Mandela Park’s tripod. It is a set of fifteen blocks which are reinforced concrete structures with sandcrete block partitions, providing a total of 90-room luxurious apartments in single and double suites. All the suites have; All suites have; Tastefully furnished, luxurious single and doubl...
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World Class Facilities

Nelson Mandela Gardens gives you access to world-class facilities such as: A tennis court Outdoor swimming pool (coming soon) Children's park and playground Games reserve Shopping malls (coming soon) Health and fitness center (coming soon) 4-star hospitality suites (coming soon) Convention center (coming soon) Library Gazebo While a significan...
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