Aside from being a world-class tourist attraction, a nature conservation center and a one stop location for leisure, recreation and relaxation; The Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 Trees is also an educational resource facility i.e. a place of learning. We are currently developing a state-of-the-art library facility which would be open to the public shortly.

Besides the library, there is a lot to learn from the gardens in itself. This include:

  • The importance of the conservation of flora and fauna (plant and animal lifeforms) biodiversity in the beautification and sustainability of the health of our environment
  • The importance of nature and state of the environment in determining the state of health and well being of its inhabitants
  • The exemplification of leisure and recreation as facilitators of health and well being
  • The virtues of freedom, equality and unity as exemplified by Nelson Mandela
  • The importance of children imbibing these knowledge at an early age inculcated through fun activities

…and lots more.

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