The Lodges

Nelson Mandela Lodges


 The Lodges is the third and final leg of the Nelson Mandela Park’s tripod. It is a set of fifteen blocks which are reinforced concrete structures with sandcrete block partitions, providing a total of 90-room luxurious apartments in single and double suites. All the suites have;

All suites have;

  • Tastefully furnished, luxurious single and double units with kitchenettes.
  • Spacious balconies with outdoor furniture.
  • Large French aluminium doors and windows fitted with laminated glass, doubly glazed for comfort.
  • Baths and walk in showers
  • High ceiling, creating high room volume which helps room cooling
  • Air conditioning

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The apartments have the following areas and sales price;

  1. Single Suites— 64.64 sq. m. ; Sale amount: $97,000.00
  2. Double Suites—136.05 sq. m.; Sale amount: $180,000.00


The NMGL management can agree to staged payment based on agreed milestones.


The apartments are suitable for use as short, medium, and long term hospitality suites for the business world, the tourists, sports enthusiasts, corporate entities, and various professionals. Facilities in the Convention Centre compliment their needs even for those offering or engaged in training programmes. The apartments can be used as studio offices for the visiting portfolio businessman. Above all, they can be used for what they are, to provide hospitable accommodations for families, couples, and individuals.

The facilities in the Recreational Zone provide the residents with life and wellness enhancement tools for a wholesome experience during their stay. Additionally, the residents will have an automatic pass to use the Ibori Golf Club and its facilities at all times.

It is the intention of Nelson Mandela Gardens Limited (NMGL) to sell off 50% of the suites on a leasehold basis with deeds of assignment to select members of the public. The new owners may then hand over their suites to the hotel management for use as hospitality suites.

The Lodges will be managed as a hotel and profitable investment for the benefit of the owners.


NMGL is in partnership with Mantis Collection of South Africa who will manage The Lodges.

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Mantis is an international, reputable company that offers some of the world’s finest hotels, lodges, eco-escapes and lifestyle resorts. The Company is synonymous with quality, excellence, and distinction.

Suites owners will always remain the rights to use their suites for other purposes, upon making requisite arrangements with the managers. When these owners use their properties as guests or long term residents, they will be liable for service charges to cover utilities and overheads.

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