World Class Facilities

Nelson Mandela Gardens gives you access to world-class facilities such as:

  1. A tennis court
  2. Outdoor swimming pool (coming soon)
  3. Children’s park and playground
  4. Games reserve
  5. Shopping malls (coming soon)
  6. Health and fitness center (coming soon)
  7. 4-star hospitality suites (coming soon)
  8. Convention center (coming soon)
  9. Library
  10. Gazebo

DSC_9944 DSC_9937 Apartments DSC_9953 DSC_9954 Family-relaxing-at-Nelson-Mandela-Gardens1 View of the tennis court from the pool

While a significant number of these facilities have been completed, some are still in their development stages. Please contact us for updates or enquiries about any of our facilities you would like to employ beforehand to confirm that a reservation is possible

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